An Important Organization Working to Sustain Life in Tropical Latin America

I am excited to get to meet and learn more about this amazing pioneer organization, ABOQUETE, and its CEO Demetrio Diaz.  Many people are working to promote Demetrio for and important award recognizing his efforts.  Here’s some things I’ve learned about Aboquete and Demetrio Diaz.  I hope to collaborate with this group in doing my research

about the impact on worker livlihoods resulting from dramatic climate change.

Aboquete strives to increase the quality of the agricultural economy and community in Latin America, supplying farmers with sustainable biological controls that protect their lands, increase their incomes, and grow the regional economy.

Ten years ago, Aboquete was founded as a company that would add value to agro-industrial waste by recycling safe agricultural byproducts and transforming them into organic fertilizer. Aboquete perceived that farmers had the need for alternative products that would help them control pests without contaminating the environment and degrading their lands. Aboquete’s innovative leadership identified the study of fungi that control insects and pests as a marketable ecological solution and sought funding to grow a new business unit that would focus on the research and development of fungi as a biological control. In 2008, a laboratory was created that now has produced five products that are fine-tuned to meet the most pressing needs of Latin America’s farmers. These products effectively improve crop production through the elimination of pests and diseases, while removing the threat of damage to the environment.

Aboquete is a pioneer in its home country in the development of this technology. CEO Demetrio Diaz takes a holistic approach to achieving the objectives of Aboquete by promoting sustainability at all levels, during development, production, and marketing. The Aboquete team develops strong relationships with Latin American farmers in order to understand their critical needs and provide educational programs to enhance the regional understanding of sustainable production. Aboquete’s focus on outreach and education has in recent years influenced Latin American farmers to become increasingly more aware of the importance of using products that help conserve the environment without affecting their return on investment. Aboquete also strives to promote sustainability by acting as a positive example for other businesses, running its operations solely with renewable energy, using renewable bamboo as material for new construction, and crafting products that reduce the emissions of dangerous green house gasses.

Aboquete continues to work relentlessly to develop new innovative controls that alleviate the pressure on farmers to use conventional chemical products. Through new  relationships with regional partners, Aboquete is working to increase the regional awareness of the benefits of organic agricultural products, aiming to expand the market for safe biological controls and permanently change the way land is used in Latin America.

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