Random thoughts on what’s to like and not like in Boquete

There was an open air concert at the parque on Sunday.  The group, a typico Panameno foursome, made some happy music for a couple of hours.  The neat thing was that the audience was a mix of Ngobe Indians, Panamenos and Gringo’s like us.  I was glad to see that the town had cleaned up the trash and litter around the parque from the festivities of Dias de la Independencia a couple of weeks ago.

Speaking of trash, there’s way too much of it!  We do our part in keeping our little block clean and hope the folks get the hint!  We’ll see…stay tuned.  People say:  “Well that’s just Central America, for ya”.  Boquete does have -and I’m proud of this – the ONLY recyle center in ALL of Panama…They recycle everything there from plastic, aluminum, paper, glass, tin..amazing operation!

There are a lot of good restaurants here but are favorites is “Big Daddy’s” where the fish is always fresh, “Sugar & Spice” for great baked goods, “La Posada” for the best pizza’s in town, “Sabrason” for cheap but edible foods cafeteria style where you can ghe by far best et lunch for a couple of bucks…The “Panamonte Hotel” is by far the best place to eat if you’ve got a hundred bucks to drop off but (we hear!)  haven’t tried it as yet.

We love the buses and the taxi’s.  They’re cheap to ride and, for the most part safe.

A cool thing happened last night around two.  We heard what sounded like horse hoofs outside our bedroom window,,,sure enough!  It was…actually 8 of em’  two beautiful horses were casually eating the grass in front of our house…they left when’ they felt full, I guess.  You never can tell around here!!

The education system is bad here…no books, few resources, teachers don’t get paid hardly anything..it’s sad.  There’s no (or little) social welfare system…a place called Casa Hogar where abused and neglected kids end up..I went to teach an english as second language class the other day, Georjean’s doing some art and Waylon just hangs with the children…We met a twelve year old girl and her baby, Abril…so sad.

One of the things we like alot is the tranquility of this place and the people…it’s catching.  If you come, watch out because you might not be the same uptight old gringo you were when you got here!!!

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  1. John Schmidt says:


    I lived in the Panaman Canal Zone from 1973-1975 — my family grew up there. Anyway, I climbed Mt. Baru, the highest peak in Panama (11,460ft) in 1974. It was a glorious site.

    • says:

      Thanks for writing! How’s the tennis? Volcan Baru is right in my backyard. We’ve made many great hikes. The rainbows are glorious here. Come see us in Boquete before February.

      All the best,