Thursday, January 5, 2012

We are excited to be going back to Caldera to visit the hot springs.  Our guests, Sandra from San Francisco and Tong Chen from Ghanzou, China are going with us.  Mario, the young man from Germany who is teaching Waylon, Arie and Kai break-dancing will join us as well.  Another new friend, Robert, who is a Slovakian wh now lives in Colombia with his girl friend  they run an internet cafe and are starting a B & B, is also joining us.  We take the bus out of Boquete for the 45 minute ride to Caldera.  There we find a taxi who will take us to the springs.  He’s expensive!  Wants $20 bucks.  We don’t have that much time today and want to spend what time we do have swimming in the river and lounging in the hot springs.

Today “Cheetah” the famous “mono loco” of Caldera greets us on teh trail.. He decides he wants to be Georjean’s new baby.  I’ll post some photos soon.  They’ll crack you up!

All had a splendid time art the springs spaking in the hot pools, laying on the hot rocks in the river or swimming up stream against the tide…

We caught the last bus our of Caldera at 4 pm (you don’t want to miss this one!).  Backhome, it’s my night to cook.  I’ve planed a “ratatouille” dish I read the recipe for online.  Georjean encouraages me to shortcut everything but I bravely resist and eventually all agree that it is a delious meal.  Our guest tonight are Mario and Robert the “Slovakian Colombian”.  I’m impressed by him, 30 years old, he’s riding his touring bike across Central America e a livelufor four and a half months while he figures things out.  After dinner Mario, Robert and I have a  lively conversation about the impacts of climate change on teh planet, renewable energy (Germany’s a leader) and teh tough economy…no easy answers were to be found.

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