Friday, January 6, 2012

Our friends Yamileth and her husband Henado are driving up for a visit from the city of David for a visit today.  Georjean is preparing a black bean soup.  She purees some of last night’s rice into the soup.  It’s delicious!  Yami and Henado arrive in their new “new” car.  It’s easily ten years old but they are so proud of it.  Henado is a professor of religion at a private college near Santiago, Panama.  It’s a four and a half hour bus ride back and forth to David.  He’s gone all week.  His salary is $800 a month.  Yami taught spanish at Habla Ya.  That’s where we met.  She was Georjean’s  spanish professor at Habla Ya, seems like a thousand years ago now.

The boys and Mario are hard at work preparing for the  break dance performance tonight.  They’ve worked really hard all week and are excited.  I’m surprised how shy they are.  They don’t want any audience except Greg and Cathy and Georjean and I.  They agree to allow Robert, the Slovakian who lives in Colombia, to attend as an exception.

Cathy’s bringing pizza dough, we’ve made the fixin’s.  Greg(orio) as usual arrives with two bottles of really fine red wine, one of them is an Italian.  The break dance performance is a hit!  The kids and Mario have done a really great job training and preparing for just five days.  They dance in synchricity.  It’s beautiful.  We are all proud of them.

The pizza’s wonderful.  Three styles (1) hummus and green olive (2) tomato & garlic & veggies and (3) the “kitchen sink”.

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