Saturday January 7, 2012

We are going to spend today with Genaro and Yamileth.  We take the bus out of Boquete to David.  It’s an hour and a half ride on an old US big yellow school bus.  Genaro meets us there.  We meet in front of “El Rey” a big grocery store right off the InterAmericana Highway.  We drive back to their house which is a third of the way back to Boquete!  I’m wondering why he didn’t tell us to get off in front of his neighborhood?  He and Yami live in a somewhat new subdivision.  Almost all the houses are painted the same color green.  Theirs is pink.  It’s a tiny house no more than 500 square feet but it’s cute.  It’s just the two of them who live there and they seem quite comfortable.  Yami gives us a tour of her plantings in the yard.  Papayas, yuca plants etc.  Everything can be eaten.  Georjean realizes that these are truly country people.  Yami fixes us lunch.  it’s a typico soup of Panama called “Sanchocho”and is delicious!  Chicken with yuca, oregano, cilantro I don’t know what else.  Wonderful!  After lunch they take us across the street and down the road a bit to a “quebrada”  called Las Lajas – a little wild tributary of a bigger river (didn’t catch the name).  It’s shallow but there a a couple of deeper pools where we can soak and get out of the heat.  It’s a little dicey getting into the water because of the rocks.  There’s lots of them and they are slippery.  But the day is hot and we are not to be denied!  Sitting in the cool water, I feel these little fishies biting me, actually nibbling is a bit more like it…Everyone laughs when I mention it.  Genara tells me that they are the Las Lajas “Tiburons” – sharks!

When we got back to the house after our swim, Genaro receives a telephone caall.  It’s from his mother.  His grandmother has just passed away.  She had been ill for a while with kidney failure.  She was ninety!  A good life but still sad.  We get ready to leave.

Yami wants to shop with us in David.  She’ll join Genaro later with the family.  In the city, we look for some water color paints Georjean needs.  It takes several stops before we find what we need.  In every shop I have to stop at the counter to turn in my backpack.  It’s a bit of a hassle!  Later we look for a wallet I want to buy for Waylon.  The little capitalist has a lot of money and he needs somewhere to keep it all together I figure.

We leave Yami about five at the Terminale to catch the bus home to Boquete.  There we meet Waylon at what has become our favorite restaurant, Big Daddy’s for some of the freshest fish in the region.  A long but satisfying day concluded.


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