Monday January 9 – Friday January 20, 2012

Lots going on this week..little time to blog…the coffee fair…is happening in Boquete for the next 10 days or so,  The “Feria de Cafe” is much more than that.  With multitudes of beautiful flowers sprouting everywhere, all kind of food, music and dance there are so many people here in   it is amazing.  People take a bus 7 hours from Panama City to come  the the Boquete Feria and then turn around about midnight and return!


“Omri” and “Rinat”, two Israeli’s from Tel Aviv, graced us with their presence for two days.  We are learning a lot from the travelers.  Omri’s understanding of events taking place in the Middle East is deep and colorful.  He is helping me connect the dots.  They are on their Honeymoon – “Luna de Miel” and will be traveling throughout Central America for four and a half months.  Already at the age of 29 they are experienced travelers.  After their compulsory army service of two years, many Israeli young people take off to see the world.  We couldn’t help but be impressed with their tales  of travel from Tibet, Mongolia, China and beyond!

We were honored to be invited  to be part of Dr Andrew’s “Dru” and Jasmine “Jazz” wedding at their home in Volcancito and were proud that they asked Georjean, Waylon and I to be “greeters” to the some 250 invited guests.  It was a really special day for them and for us as well.  Their story is really a modern Fairy Tale full of magic.                        

Our lovely friends, Courtney, Serio and Lucka came down from Alto Boquete Sunday afternoon.  Serio’s an Italian from Rome.  He’s had a colorful history, chef, restaurant owner, charter fisherman.  He wanted to make us a dish with his homemade fettuchine (“why do you Americans always add an “i” on the end of our pastas?”)  I’ll let the photos describe how delicious this meal was and thank God for leftovers!!!  The sauce was a magnificent mixture of tomatoes, onions, garlic, chopped pork ribs, ground beef, and all kinds of special herbs.  I hope, as you are reading this, your mouth is drooling!  It was that good!


Today, we finally got our act together and took the bus (actually two to get there) to Volcan a pueblo on the other side of the volcano from Boquete.  We’d been promising Arie, Kai and Waylon to take them for a long time!  Our good friend Mario Weiss who has been teaching the boys the art of break dancing shows up at 7:30 am.

He’s ready to roll!  After about a three hour bus ride (which cost Georjean, Waylon & I $2.50) we arrived in Volcan, grabbed some fresh juice, cookies and ham empadadero’s at Tinas Cafe then hailed a “Truck Taxi” out to the lakes about 5 km. Glad the truck had big tires.  We needed them!

Las Lagunas de Volcan were everything we had heard they were.  Spectacular natural beauty.  People said you could not swim there because the water was too “heavy”.  “Peligroso, Senor, no puede nadar in el lago”.  We couldn’t understand what they meant by that until we reached the shores and saw the wind “el viento” whipping the waters into circular pools that spun out into the middle of the lake and back again.  It was really pretty astonishing impact.

It also didn’t stop us from swimming…but we were careful not to take any chances.  The waters were cool and blue and very deep. Magic day.  Full of love!



Our good friends Jerrie Lindsey, daughter Morgan and fiance Matt arrived Wednesday night.  Jerri’s our neighbor at MLC in Tallahassee.  Morgan & Matt are environmental biologists.  We spent another terrific day on Thursday (we only saw a glimpse of Cheetah…she wasn’t her cheerful, young self it appears) at the Hot Springs…can’t stay away it seems! Lounging on the hot rocks in the cool rio after a hot soak.  Don’t get much better than that folks. These nice folks treated us to a fine Panameno dinner at La Posada when we returned to Boquete.

Friday we hike the Bajo Mono Trail to the Waterfalls.  Arie, Kai and Waylon, Morgan, GJ, Jerrie and I.  Stunning views and good exercise.

Capped the night of by watching the annual Bailar de Pollera Parade down Avenida Principal.  Our friend Daniel, the taxi driver, drove them back to David so they could catch the all-night bus to Panama City.  It was great to spend time here with some friends Florida.  Wondering why more people haven’t come by?

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