Pete & Rosi Come to Boquete – The Place Will Never Be the Same!

NOTE: This Post is kinda backaasswards!  So much went on during the Insurrection against the government of Panama that I did not get a chance to post about our wonderful visit with Pete Kreis and Roseanne Wood….so here goes…mostly in photos



Air Panama brought a whirlwind of excitement and pandemonium to David-Boquete last week when Flight # ??? touched down and deposited Pete and Roseanne in our midst here in la Provincia de Chiriqui en Panama!  We are not sure when the region will recover!  But, after all, they are retired.  We took wonderful walks, had a hair-raising day rafting on the Chiriqui Viejo River, drove over the mountains to Bocas del Toro…relaxed and swam, snorkled and ate fresh fish and lobsters delivered to our  dock by local fishermen to our lovely little hideaway on the east end of Isla Colon.  Pete and Rosi (as well as ourselves) were lucky to get back to Boquete and then off to Panama City by plane from David just before the road blockade took place by the Ngobe Bugles protesting mining in the Comarca.  Hundreds of travelers were trapped for several days with little food or water during the protest.  We were glad our friends weren’t among them!


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