Our first month in Cuenca, Ecuador

So very much has happened -and not – since we first arrived here in this Andean city of Cuenca, Ecuador about one month ago.  We found ourselves engaged entirely with getting to know the city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site,

surviving five days of Carnaval without getting pneumonia,

finding a more comfortable apartment for our family than the original one we had found through the web,

researching and selecting an appropriate language school for myself, Georjean and Waylon and then actually attending the school four hours a day!  We each agree that Cuenca is a remarkable city.

We’ve already made some wonderful friends and it’s a lot of fun here.  The cost of living is at least one-half of what we experience in the US and that doesn’t hurt to bad! But there are so many poor persons and they have no viable social “safety net” to pull them through but rely instead on the kindness of others more well to do.

The drug culture is still alive and well here.  There is active collaboration between the Ecuadorean Police, Armed Forces and the US DEA to intercept cocaine shipments to the US and Europe.





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