Alright…this will be my first real post with information on us (Cliff, Georjean and Waylon)

Alright…this will be my first real post with information on us (Cliff, Georjean and Waylon) since we left fo Central America on September 1st.  It will also be incredibly brief because I have my Spanish language class at 1:15 pm.  So, basically, we were in teh Yucatan from September 1 to September 12.  We stayed in the wonderful, historical city of Merida.  Very old, nicee people, safe town, lots of music, culture and dance.  There’s a great grand plaza there as well with lots going on.  My sister, Virginaia Page and her husband, Jim belong to the Home  Theey had exchanged their home in Santa Fe, NM for a house on the beach in Chelem.  The house looked great on the net…But, when we got there, it and the town were a pretty big disappointment.  We were sorry about that but made teh best of it.  The best part of the whole experience was meeting our neighbors Julie (property managerz) and Glenn (builder)…really great folks.  We spent several days visiting/studing the Mayan civilizations teat existed there for centuries…Especially wonderful was Uxmal and Chibilzatun (sp?).  We also found and swam in Ceynotes which are basically sinkholes…underground, refreshing…We left Merida for Mexico City on September 12th by Aeromexico (good airline but very difficult to communicate with,.  You have to actually go to their office and talk to a live person to do things like confirming flights etc. because the website and the tollfree hotline sucks)..Brief to do on Mexico City…we landed on the day of their celebration of 100 yeaars of independencia!  Wow what a party, ate the best steak of our lives at a restaurant on Avenida Polance, toured the Centro, where the fiestas were going strong all night long…There are currently 33,000,000 residents of Mexico City!  How can that be?  The next day we flew Continental to Panama City, Panama but for some bizarre reason the plane had to go to Houston, Texas before flying south to Panama.  We got into Panama about 7:30 at night…it was a cold and rainy evening…We had reservations at the Country Inn and Suites on Eldorado…long waya from the airport but it turned out to be a good choice because the hotel staff were very personable and helpful.  We made a great connection with Eduardo Gonzalez and his wife Yara and their three children,  Eduardo invited us to dinner on Wednesday night at a restaurant downtown called “Jimmys”…a very famous and authentic Panamanian steakhouse…Eduardo and Yara are friends of Joan Mann’s through her son John who owns the best restaurant in Nassau, Bahamas.  They have become wonderful friends who are a fount of knowledge and information about Panama in all ways.  The next day (The 15th of September) we rented a car from Hertz to drive to Boquete.  We wanted to have a couple of stops along the  way (7 hour drive) on the InterAmerican Highway (a great road)…but first and foremost we had to drive out of Panama City which was a pretty hectic experience because the (english language) GPS kept turning us in circles.  There are (hardly) no signs lots of cars careening all over the highway…WOW…We were so glad to get out of Panama City that day and alive!…Our first three nights we stayed in a little mountain village about an hour and a half out of P.C. called “El ValleZ”..  You have to be careful to read the signs on the Highway directing one to the off-shoot towns because they are so small or sometimes don’t even exist…For example, when we were driving north on the Highway there was no directional sign to E!  So we drove El Valle…we had to missed the road..after going on for several mile swe realized our mistake and reversed course…so…driving back towards Panama City, we found the little sign guiding us towards  El Valle..El Valle was a terrific place to relax, beautiful vistas, great market, we took a hike in teh mountains one day very peaceful…stayed in two different hotels ..The first, “El Rincon” was very nice, pool, good food but we would recommend the second “Los Capitanes” over El Rincon because of the owner, a German, former sea captain who made it his business to make sure we were satisfied in every manner….on the Sunday after, we left for Boquete where we have been now fofrr 8 days…enjoying our school “Habla ya”…starting our second week aand now I have to return to school to my class…will post more tomorrow!

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