Images of Cajas – The diversity of Life

Cajas National Park has over 250 lakes is located  and is about 29 kilometers west of Cuenca. The park became  famous since the appearance of the Virgin (Virgen del Cajas). Many people like to go there ask for miracles and pray.

We went with a group put together by Appallucta Viajes.  Their office is on Gran Colombia  and General Torres in an old building on the second floor.  Our friend and travel agent Sandy Bravo is really helpful.  We left early last Sunday and met  our driver Julio and our guide Claudia.

There are approximately 125 species of birds found here. Among them are condor,  violet-tailed metaltail, sword-billed, shining sunbeam, sparkling violet-ear and the veridean metal-tail.  We didn’t see any of these species but it’s neat that they exist there anyway.  In the lakes, you can also find Andean gulls, yellow-billed pintails and the speckled teal.

Las Cajas is an easily accessible plateau and high elevation forest park.  It is a very important preservation land as it is the main source of drinking water in Cuenca, a city of 500,000 people!!

At last count, there were over 350 lakes at Cajas.  You can primitive camp in the park but it is advised that you go in with a registered guide.  Eleven hardy souls lost their lives in the last year alone

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