Ingapirca – Ecuadorean Archeological Site of Canari and Inca Civilization

We took a van to Ingapirca today.  It was a beautiful two hour ride through some of the most stunning scenery we have seen in our travels.  Ingapirca is the best known archeological site of former Canari and Inca civilization in Ecuador.  The Canari’s and the Inca’s coexisted peacefully for 1000 years but when the Conquistadores arrived the Canari’s alligned themselves with the Spanish betraying the Inca’s.

The Canari’s and Inca’s lived side by side for centuries, sharing land, tools and other critical resources.  The figure above is the much discussed “face of the Incan”.  Noone knows for sure if it is just a coincidence or whether the stone face was carved by master artisans. It can be seen on the Incan Trail near Ingapirca.  I had to climb down a lot of terraced steps to get this shot.




On the road to Ingapirca our guide diverted us to a town called Asoye to visit the Church of the Virgin of the Dew.  The story goes that the whole region was in a terrible drought.  It was 1895.  The townsfolk took the statue of the Virgin of the Dew and carried her through town in a procession in which the entire village prayed for rain.  It was professed that if rain should come, the town would build a church in honor of the Virgin of the Dew. That very evening the skies opened up and there was a tremendous downpour.

The church was built out of the side of a mountain.  There are 154 stone steps to reach the church.  Farther up the mountain is a pathway with the 12 stations of the cross.


Waylon’s learning a lot about this stuff called civilization whether it is by osmosis or whatever!


A quick stop for lunch at a roadside bar-b-que…




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