Our time in Mesa Verde, Colorado

Our guide, Venacio, a member of the Navaho Nation informed that the people who inhabited the Mesa for 800 years didn’t “disappear” – they moved!  “Why”, we wondered?  The people were farmers.   They grew corn.  They lived off the fruits of their labors.  Corn needs water.  When the rains stopped coming the people could not grow their corn.  Venacio likened the ancestral peoples reliance on corn to our modern society’s reliance on fossil fuels….what would you do if you did not have access to oil?  How would you live?  Where would you go?

The Wild Horsses of Mesa Verde!  Magnificent animals.

Waylon – Learning about the World & Understanding Civilizations Lost!

The Sacred Kiva at Cliff Palace

The Ancestral Puebloanos – Marvelous Architects

The Cliff Dwellers of Mesa Verde



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