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  2. High tide rolled in Linekin Bay ’bout eight night fore last, water slippin through tiny cracks in the cold stone breakwater where the hermit crabs pretend you can’t see em’. It’s gettin’ there an hour or so later day in and day out. Word’s out there’s a full moon skinny dip round midnight Thursday. That’s my time to read to Waylon. I hope I wake up and stumble down the hill. Here, on the coast of Maine, you get this feeling, feels like freedom actually, becoming some kinda sea creature instant that first part of your body slices these chippy July waters. My folks back home in Florida complain, say “damn that’s cold”. Georjean and I swim to Mermaid Rock fifty meters from shore but I want more. I want to start stretching. Summers on us. I need to put some distance in, a little bit more each night, I swim for the big white buoy I call “cue ball”. It’s somebody’s lobster trap. I hear a lot of the men aren’t even checking their stuff anymore. Lobster’s goin wholesale for $2.15 a pond, don’t even cover the cost of gasoline. Tourists sure are happy this year, double lobster dinners with fixins of corn on the cob and slaw for not much more than a ten spot. But swimmin now in this cold Atlantic, sharing time and space with the harbor seals. out here where you can taste the blood red clouds of a Boothbay sunset, it’s just¬† plain delicious.
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