“Fin de Semana”

Friday…yeah, we’re almost at “Fin de Semana” (weekend)…get a chance to rest our brains.  Trying to figure out whether to go to the beach,  the moiuntains or just stay in Boquete to getour act together.  We leave our Host Family on October 9 and have to have a house/apt to move into by then or …possibly move on.  But we like it here in Boquete and are trying to figure things out…This IS the rainy season after all and it rains almsot every day for an hour (or more) like you would not believe….Well, I’m off to Class in a bit, my teacher Irasema Tijerino is a Chiriquani from the town of David, she’s quite demanding but it’s paying off…we’re getting Direct and Indirect Objects now (lo, la, las, los etc)…Dinner tonight out at a restaurant called Barru for wine and pizza!

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