First Day Libre (no school)

Mostly we just checked on the progress that Lydia was making  to get our house ready to occupy.  Chavo, the all-around handy-man had completed taking out most of tthe old metal beds that the former occupant – Dr Han an acupuncturist – had left behind.  He’d painted some and moved a desk from what will be Waylon”s room into the soon to be office, moved the giant king bed into the bedroom that will serve as Georjean and my little love-nest (_:

The gardener had been busy all day with his machete in the backyard clearing away banana debris etc.  It’s starting to look pretty good except now we’ve got to furnish it for the few months we plan to stay here…Boquete expresses itself, its’ magic if you will to us each day…They say the magnetic energy of the Volcano has amazing curative power…we’ll see about that!

Tuesday in Boquete is “Market Day” at the BCP.  That’s the center across the puente (bridge) that crosses Rio Caldera…every Tuesday morning is a very eclectic market with lots of fresh, organic foods, offers of various services (Dr. Andrew, the Chiropractor), lectures on the history of Panama (today we learned the inside scoop on what happened to General Omar Trujillo and the Panamanian sentiment about former dictator Manuel Antonio Noriega).  Interesting stuff.

Gotta run because it’s my night to put Waylon to sleep.  We’re almost finished reading The Hobbit and things don’t look that great right now for Mr. Bilbo Baggins if you know what I mean!!!



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